JVerify Screenshot

The Idea

JVerify is an effortless, secure, and reliable phone number verification service (VaaS) designed to make it easier to create a more reliable web.

Developers who wish to easily verify user’s phone numbers can use JVerify’s APIs to send and verify a pin to a user’s device.

The Features (or planned features)

  • Large-company looking website
  • Usable documentation
  • Stripe integration for metered billing

The tech stack


  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS


  • Node.js (express)
  • Stripe
  • MySQL
  • Redux
  • DigitalOcean App Platform

What happened

This is a live and evolving project. I am the sole individual on this project, working as the buisness manager, developer, designer, and marketer. This app has had a ‘soft-launch’ but has not seen a large-scale launch or marketing campaign

Live site



This is my only closed-source project.